Under the Waves

by Asterionella

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Originating as a genus of freshwater diatoms susceptible to chytridiomycota infestations, Asterionella has evolved over the millennia, presently taking the form of a shoegazing space rock band from Las Vegas. With influences as disparate as UK Madchester bands and modern noise-rock and pop outfits, Asterionella creates a sound that melds swirling melodies with post-rock arrangements, all of which is layered with a warm, ambient veneer reminiscent of the 90s shoegaze movement. And as the diatom from which it takes its name is composed of cells joined at the apex by mucilage pads to form spiral colonies, the four seasoned musicians comprising Asterionella are joined by a common passion for crafting intelligent & challenging, yet catchy music that invigorates the soul, captures the imagination, or at the very least never bores.

This is their first album effort.


released July 11, 2010

Karas, Polk, Miller, Cannon, Halvorsen, Marvosh



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Asterionella Las Vegas, Nevada

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Track Name: Coagulating
You never seem to give yourself credit when it's due. If I wasn't filled with doubt, I'd prove it all to you.

I watch you staring past me, with those eyes you do. I'm standing here and I see only you.

This could become, a complication.
Your lack of self control and acrid thoughts, brought to be.
Destructively corrosive, burning through me.
I want to save you, from all you choose.
Track Name: Permanence
His Silhouette fades into the shadows
Hanging from the gallows
Last Regrets to remain unspoken
While bonds and bones are broken

Here's hoping - we can bury this
or are we married to our flaws?
we shouldn't bear this burden
carried on our backs, it's not our fault

Time erases
nothing no, it merely masks
suppression works
until everything comes flooding back
your crippling doubt will leave you lost where you lay down
It [only] won't be felt again
when you're underground
Track Name: Drown
So.. maybe the oceans calling out to me. I tried to hold it back, but I just fell into the deep. The shore keeper, tries to rescue me. Fighting to lose as I'm swallowed by the sea
As I drown, down down
try to breather but my lungs feel so tight with no valve to release
I could swim, but where would I go
It all ends the same
any path I follow

Waves crash
over my head
I can't hear I can't se I just feel it instead
drifting quickly,
deeper still
Much like losing control while awake at the wheel

I'm drifting
I'm shifting through sands
at the bottom
to be covered in shale
the last thing I see
is nothing, in the deep
It's just as well.
Track Name: 12:03
At 12:03 yesterday
your sense of humor died
It shriveled away
causing pain
and left a gaping hole inside

No No
You're never going to answer, even though you're home
I beg and plead come talk to me
you say you want to be alone
I'm sorry that the subject's sore
that wasn't my intent
but honestly, and more alarming,
it's the message that I sent

Now it makes you want to cry
no more sharing
a hearty laugh
that rips the stitches in your sides
Track Name: Push Back the Sea
Sometimes I wish that I
Could fall apart into the deep
like hotels on the pier
that died and slipped the depths
The water's warm and dark
Let Thetis come and bury me
to break free from this shell
to escape eternal ennui
and please know
I never wanted this
if I were like you
I'd be a conduit
But I lack
the entropy you seek
Bring back a warmth to keep

I stared into the sea
she stared right back at me
came up to the shore
and swallow this island whole
fortified and scarred
determined and strong
but this hundred year storm
would prove the proud and faithful wrong
Track Name: Codex
And We'll meet inside our minds
where thoughts connect like water
this place is so serene
but the mask
is just for show
this space, the in between
it will serve us
for the moment
Your secrets
I'll make them surface
your painted canvas
can't hide the truth

Colors form codex
music is code
decipher your cipher
the enigma unfolds
corrupting your construct
through alien means
breaking your memories
to see what you've seen

when motives become apparent
this fragile dialogue
will cease to be
we both know what we're here for
we can't turn back
the die is cast
can you see your own reflection
when's the last time, you saw your mind?
here unto the
ever after
I'll drag you under

your secrets die.
Track Name: Foot In Mouth
please calm down
no need to cry
I can't take it back
But I will try

Never meant to do you harm
so If I share in the alarm
It's cause i'm scared you're going to leave
over something
that I didn't mean

I'm lost please find
I'm scared you'll deny me
La, la, la...
Track Name: Say You Won't
Don't make concessions
he wants to cheapen your worth
you won't get credit for the hard work
that you have earned
I'll stand behind you
if that's how you decide
you should do it for you
It's a matter of pride
Take my advice,
take what you will
At least I'll feel better
now that you know how I feel
I think you have it, and you should think it to
stand in opposition to those against you

Don't answer questions unless you know
who is asking them
cause you never know, who may be listening
this isn't progress
when you keep looking back
stand your own ground
cause they're on the attack

I am not impressed
by the suggestion
you said
had been mentioned
It's hardly improvement
taking what's unique
let's find a new way
to ruin it
No. Say you won't. Let this one go.
Track Name: Novocaine
When I am with you
It feels like dying
Like I'm losing touch
with everything I've known

A peace that's overwhelming
Ineffable and vast
I'm taking in the view for the first time

A tightness in my chest
and weakness in my veins
Fades when you are near
You're novocaine

I'd rather not trade for better
I never wanted that
I'm so afraid of letting go
I'd trade blissful ignorance
for all the pain that I can stand
if only I can keep right by your side

I scream but there's no sound
I can't even touch you now
Drifting off into another frame