The Desert Is the Ocean at Night

by Asterionella

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released April 14, 2016

Asterionella was:
William Davenport: Bass
Kelley Karas: Guitar, Vocals
Roger Perez: Drums
Richard Polk: Guitar

Recorded by Asterionella
Mixed by William Davenport
Mastered by John Kiehlbauch
All words, music and artwork copyright Asterionella, 2016.



all rights reserved


Asterionella Las Vegas, Nevada

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Track Name: Alkali Flats
I'll meet you at the mountain's edge
Where the trail head hits the road
you know the place like you know my heart
they're laid out just the same

I'll take you into the canyon
by a path we used to roam
the desert air is friendly there
but I can't recall the name

Hey, can we make it til the sunrise?
or do we cut our loss
and go our separate ways?
a change of heart
caught me by surprise
the promised you make
just wash away

Follow me through the silence
Follow me through the desert night
Alkali Flats are calling
Is it far too late to set this right?
Track Name: Nameless Gaze
I'm pretty satisfied
with the way I lead my life
don't need to hear at all from you

You're too preoccupied
with the glory from days gone by
to focus on the present's truth

How much does it hurt to realize you're alone?
And no one can ever live up to the example you're shown

I don't adore
the way you can ignore
anything that you don't want to see

I won't pretend
that I am not offended by the way
You keep criticizing me
Track Name: Anoxia
We'll ride machines of light
through the highest mountain range
to speak with words as dead as life
no one else can comprehend

We'll roam the sky as wraiths
and muse on almost everything
To see what's held behind the veil
in colors once invisible

Darling, don't believe in everything you read
I long to send a message back
but glimpses are fleet
the pain will slip away as the day bleeds into night
Alive with love, cradled fast
embarking on unearthly flight

We'll soar on rails of breath
Oceans and apartment lofts
to taste the sky and feel the waves
cynics will not understand

I'll try to write a song with notes that aren't invented yet
a gift i leave for you when bones are all that's left
Track Name: Pincushion
Maybe you can recognize
the symptoms and the signs
a broken heart, clinically is very well defined
from a dead look in the eyes
and chest pain lingering
to an inability
to take joy in anything

Diagnosis gives a name
but the prognosis, doesn't change
you'll feel the same

whether or not
you're positive of what you've got
when a cure isn't sure
it still hurts a lot

Now it's time to go through
all the options they have given you
relying on suggestions
that won't guarantee remission
like a pincushion
you've been stuck in many places
I'm sure what must feel like an oasis
compared to the crises you've been faced with


I never thought it would take this long to get over you
now you're gone
I never thought it would take this long to get over you
I was wrong........
Track Name: Angel Eyes
Sleep is for the weak
I exist in this moment alone
and there is nothing else

What ever you say
I'm sorry I ever doubted your genius
I mean this

Tension terrorizes every inch
I'm sizing up the situation that I have no stake in

Do me a favor
Keep your mouth shut
I won't remember
the noise is too much

Existential crisis menagerie
I'm keeping a file on conflicting ideas
wading through these narrow halls of thought
I'm immune to the scope
So I'll pretend it's what I want
Track Name: Soft As Snow
I close my eyes just to slip away
to a time where I was stronger
Heartbeats flutter in every waking moment
just to see you face again

A year and a day ago
never mind nostalgia
all the things i ever know
crumbles like they're soft as snow
even when I think of you and all the things we were put through
Jaded memories melt away
and crumble like they're soft as snow

I get lost in those eyes
where the haze; meets the green
vivid interactions
just a lucid dream
once current
now torrents remain
Track Name: Another Bend
I wrung myself out like a towel
desperate to get dry
with the scent of gin
in the hall of a seedy hotel
I'm drawn back to the rye

Pour another shot
I swear this one's the last
maybe you'd believe me
if it wasn't for our past

da da da...

Just another bend
still coming off the one
from before
It doesn't end
until the ceiling
becomes the floor

Our demons drag us down
and we fall completely to their depths
illuminate the steps
it takes us to become inept
Track Name: Anemia
I know that this is simple
but that doesn't mean it isn't hard
you know that you're the reason
that I can't sleep at night

I take so much for granted
but that doesn't mean that I don't care
Don't mistake my reticence for a lack of feeling

If i'm blind to the signs
or seem to pay no mind
it's because I'm afraid to lose what I don't have

I just needed you to know
because my window is fading fast
I'm afraid I've done more harm than good my dear

They've got the crash cart on standby
and they won't let me out of sight
but I'm not sure I want to make it through the night
and I don't want you affection
if it's just a sympathetic mime
from what i gather it'd only be a shadow
of what you meant

Maybe I'll see you at the bottom
your smile's the only thing that gets me through these anemic days
Maybe I'll see you at the bottom
I promise to keep the light on til you're home